• iLine Technologies recently completed a single 1900 x 2100mm culvert project (GRP Lining) in the United Utilities region. The client specifically required a box-type GRP liner, including all the design & feasibility. Having all the relevant technical expertise, iLine were in a very strong position to deliver a suitable solution, that met all the needs […]

  • Another GRP Lining Success for iLine in the East Midlands Frequently, our clients contact us with a specific culvert problems that they may have, and these problems can often seem insurmountable. Such was the case when iLine were approached by the Rail Operator with a problematic & failing open-ended brick arch culvert in the East […]

  • Historically, guided augerbore has been an extremely popular technique with the rail authorities & contractors, as it can install underground pipes, with virtually no ground displacement, and thus it vastly reduces the risk of ground heave or settlement, thus minimising track movement risks, which could create safety issues. One of the key trenchless services provided […]

  • iLine’s Large Diameter CIPP lining process heads to the North East When a blue chip client gives a call to ask if you can help them with a series of emergency rehabilitation schemes, we are definitely the company that likes to say yes! One of the schemes was a large diameter culvert, carrying a water-course […]

  • iLine’s UV Technology heads to the West Country It’s always nice to tackle a series of unusual or difficult sites, which is exactly what iLine were faced with, when they were asked to use their flagship UV-CIPP process to rehabilitate 3 large diameter (i.e. over 1m) culverts in the West Country. The three culverts in […]

  • After a great end to 2014, iLine is quite literally going from strength to strength during Q1 & Q2 of 2015. At the end of AMP5, the wider water & sewerage sector is looking particularly buoyant, which is a breath of fresh air after the normal downturns that the whole industry experienced at the end […]

  • iGroup – 2015 After a few manically busy weeks, it’s time to get back down to basics, so here’s a little flavour of what’s going on in the world of iGroup in Q1. Despite the water industry concluding it’s 5-year ‘AMP5’ periodic review, work in this sector has been more buoyant than ever, which is […]

  • Sometimes, on the face of it, even the simplest of scenarios can prove a real headache for the UK’s infrastructure owners & operators. When iLine Technologies were approached by the asset management team of a series of brick arch culverts in Norfolk, the questions posed to us were; what are the problems with our pipelines, […]

  • Well, 2014 certainly has been another great year for iGroup; it’s now been almost 3 years since the “i” concept was formed, and the group has gone from strength to strength, with our ever increasing customer base, consistently growing services portfolio, and our expanding geographical coverage. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up […]

  • There is often much discussion around the court as regards the suitability and viability of a good guided auger bore (or thrust bore as it is also sometimes known). As with any type of civil engineering specialist installation, the key to a successful scheme is the up-front works, including the planning, design, ground investigation, feasibility […]

  • Never let it be said that iGroup aren’t the most adaptable CIPP business around! When approached by our partners in Western Australia to help solve a major waterways problem, iLine Technologies were ready to step-up to the bar. The issues lay within a series of 25 large diameter culverts, located in Kununurra, at the very […]

  • Here’s to another successful GRP lining scheme by iLine Technologies Very often, our clients contact us with a specific pipeline problems that they may have, and these problems can often seem insurmountable to the untrained eye. Such was the case when iLine were approached by the Rail Operator with a problematic & failing open-ended brick […]