iLine’s Large Diameter CIPP lining process heads to the North East

When a blue chip client gives a call to ask if you can help them with a series of emergency rehabilitation schemes, we are definitely the company that likes to say yes! One of the schemes was a large diameter culvert, carrying a water-course under a pair of high-speed rail tracks, that was severely degraded, and was in need of urgent repair to avoid a total collapse.

The 900mm diameter pipeline ran from a standard 1800mm manhole to a collapsed downstream headwall. The main issue with the repair was that the tracks could not be closed, and could only be accessed under a very limited rail possession of Saturday night (20:00 – 06:00). This restriction in the programme caused a real limitation on the techniques that could be employed to repair the pipeline. Fortunately, the UV process pioneered by iLine Technologies delivered the optimum solution, whilst complying with all programme restraints.


Prior to the possession period, the collapsed headwall was dug out using a vacuum excavator, to assist with speed, efficiency and programme. This process was immediately followed by the pre-CCTV & cleaning process, after which the UV lining equipment was mobilised. The 25-metre long liner was winched into place using iLine’s specially designed 4 tonne hydraulic winch, and then inflated using our proprietary blower unit. Following the secondary (check) CCTV, the UV robot was inserted into the pipe, and the liner was cured at a speed of 08m/min. Following completion of the lining process, the pipe was re-CCTV’d as a final check, then the annulus was grouted prior to the possession handover back to the rail operator. Another success from the UK’s #1 team at iLine Technologies!


For more information about iLine (the CIPP lining division), iDrill (the directional drilling division), iGroup, and our other trenchless technology products & services, contact John Beech or Nick Sheehan at iGroup on 01604 580059 or visit the iGroup website. Further details are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

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