Sometimes, on the face of it, even the simplest of scenarios can prove a real headache for the UK’s infrastructure owners & operators.

When iLine Technologies were approached by the asset management team of a series of brick arch culverts in Norfolk, the questions posed to us were; what are the problems with our pipelines, how can we fix those problems, how can we stop the problems re-occurring? It’s a very understandable dilemma to find yourself in, but not to worry, the iLine team were on hand to provide answers, guidance, together with end-to-end solutions.

The first of the problematic culverts was an 80 year old brick arch culvert, just 400mm in height, and 75m in length. The culvert was heavily silted, and was in Grade 4 condition, with many displaced & misaligned joints, causing local flooding, and a threat to the local wildlife within the adjacent SSSI area.

iLine Brick Arch Culvert

The initial pipe assessment was thwarted by the heavy silts, sometimes up to 75% of cross-sectional area, and therefore to make a full condition assessment, the culvert was cleaned using a moderated high-pressure jetter, ensuring that no damage was caused to the culvert by the cleaning process. Once the bulk of the debris was removed, a full CCTV & pipe assessment was carried out, enabling the scope of the project to be assessed, which in turn would lead us to the optimum solution.

A UV-cured spirally wound CIPP liner of 8.4mm thickness was designed by iLine, which provided the correct balance between structural strength, long-term flexural modulus, coefficient of friction and cross sectional area. The liner was installed using iLine’s ‘Blue Tec’ rig (manufactured by our partners, Reline Europe GmbH).

iLine Brick Arch Culvert

On completion of the lining process, the ends were trimmed & feathered to match the existing culvert headwalls, and a CCTV survey undertaken to provide the client with the permanent record of the rehabilitation.

For more information about iLine (the CIPP lining division), iDrill (the directional drilling division), iGroup, and our other trenchless technology products & services, contact Nick Sheehan at iGroup on 01604 580059 or visit the iGroup website. Further details are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

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