iLine’s UV Technology heads to the West Country

It’s always nice to tackle a series of unusual or difficult sites, which is exactly what iLine were faced with, when they were asked to use their flagship UV-CIPP process to rehabilitate 3 large diameter (i.e. over 1m) culverts in the West Country.

The three culverts in question were constructed from a variety of materials, and were in a various states of disrepair, nominally grades 3 and 4; additionally the locations of the three culverts were remote, thus requiring a more comprehensive planning process than your average urban pipeline.

iLine CIPP

As iLine were engaged to provide a full ‘BIM’ turnkey design & build process, a feasibility study was initially undertaken, to assess all factors of the scheme, and to complement the development of the Health & Safety file. As the design process was undertaken, and different site conditions depicted different loadings, it was felt that each of the culverts required a detailed study to ensure full compliance & longevity of design. As such, each of the culverts were individually assessed, which in turn delivered cutting edge designs for each site, whilst making considerable cost-savings for the client.

Very often, iLine are asked if there are any issues with culverts that aren’t circular in cross-section; to clarify this point, our UV process can reline culverts and pipelines of virtually any shape, whether round, oval, square, egg etc. Within the confines of this particular rehabilitation scheme, iLine installed 1*circular, 1*egg and 1*oval section, using liners that varied in thickness from 9mm to over 16mm.

iLine CIPP

For more information about iLine (the CIPP lining division), iDrill (the directional drilling division), iGroup, and our other trenchless technology products & services, contact John Beech or Nick Sheehan at iGroup on 01604 580059 or visit the iGroup website. Further details are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

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