iLine Technologies recently completed a single 1900 x 2100mm culvert project (GRP Lining) in the United Utilities region. The client specifically required a box-type GRP liner, including all the design & feasibility. Having all the relevant technical expertise, iLine were in a very strong position to deliver a suitable solution, that met all the needs of the end user, within the tight programme that was vital to minimize the environmental disruption that was being caused by the failing brick culvert.

Following the rigorous design process, to ensure that the culvert could withstand the eccentric & unpredictable loadings from the surrounding ground, iLine opted for a traditional, thick-section GRP segmental liner, manufactured by our partner in the Middle-East; manufacture & shipping time was reduced to 4 weeks, enabling a fast-turnaround scheme, and prompt completion.

The GRP sections were delivered to site in Lancashire during the latter end of August 2015, and installed using traditional hand methods, which provided a flexible & speedy process. The site team consisted of 5 men, very experienced in all things trenchless, but specialising in GRP. The prefabricated units, each 2.4m long were installed & jointed within a 4 day period. Following joint checking, the segments were grouted into position, using a standard, low-strength cementitious grout, and the culvert tested, commissioned & re-introduced to service.

Trenchless technology comes in many shapes & forms, some new, some old, but none more traditional & effective than GRP segmental lining. The technique has been around for many years, but is only facilitated by the few specialist companies that have the right operational staff, experience & know-how to deliver the right results. Another successful project from the team at iLine!

For more information about iLine (the CIPP lining division), iDrill (the directional drilling division), iGroup, and our other trenchless technology products & services, contact Nick Sheehan at iGroup on 01604 580059 or visit the iGroup website. Further details are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

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