Historically, guided augerbore has been an extremely popular technique with the rail authorities & contractors, as it can install underground pipes, with virtually no ground displacement, and thus it vastly reduces the risk of ground heave or settlement, thus minimising track movement risks, which could create safety issues.

One of the key trenchless services provided by the management team at iGroup is guided augerboring (also known as ‘thrust boring’). This technique has played a vital role in the development of trenchless technologies, and over the years, many underground pipes have been installed using this tried & trusted methodology.

iDrill Augerboring

Network Rail approached iDrill Technologies to develop a solution for an ‘under track crossing” (UTX) in Northumberland, to install a new steel culvert drainage pipe of 600mm nominal diameter, under a set of high speed railway lines. iDrill were successful in the tendered feasibility process, and commenced with the in-house design works during June 2015.

As always with UTX crossings (as with any type of tunnelling), ground information holds the key to success, and thus specialist geotechnical consultants were engaged to prepare the heave & settlement calculations that underpinned the Network Rail Construction Forms. The maximum ground movement was forecast to be less than 5mm, which is well within the strict guidelines offered by the end-user.

All works were to be installed during formal possession periods, which were planned several weeks before the construction phase; iDrill, with the help of it’s strategic partners, piloted, augered and installed the pipe well within the available programme window, and well within the ground movement tolerances available.

iDrill Augerboring

Following completion of the installation of the steel sleeve, iLine Technologies attended site (not under possession) to line the steel sleeve with a 4.2mm thick UV-CIPP liner, prior to final handover of the pipe to the end-user. Another successful project by the iGroup family, delivered on time and within budget.

For more information about iLine (the CIPP lining division), iDrill (the directional drilling division), iGroup, and our other trenchless technology products & services, contact John Beech or Nick Sheehan at iGroup on 01604 580059 or visit the iGroup website. Further details are also available on Twitter and Facebook.

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