With any infrastructure project of any size, the rehabilitation of existing sewers, pipes and culverts is an important part. iLine has experience in depth of working with infrastructure developers and operators. With many brown field sites being redeveloped or old developments being repurposed, existing sewers may be very old and in need of rehabilitation. iLine’s lining solutions provide a fully structural renewal solution. iLine’s EnviroCIPP UV cured CIPP lining system is quicker to install than traditional rehabilitation solutions, making it ideal for use at airports and ports where access times may be limited for operational reasons.

Line’s EnviroCIPP is a fully structural GRP liner offering modulus values up to 21,000 Mpa. Where existing water pipes and sewers have failed structurally, EnviroCIPP provides a completely new structural liner which is, essentially, a new pipe hosted within the existing failed pipe. EnviroCIPP is available in diameters from 150mm to 1500mm. EnviroCIPP’s UV curing system provides a quick and quiet installation process, reducing noise, disruption and time on site. Most importantly, water pipes can be returned to service quickly. EnviroCIPP uses proven technology with thousands of kilometres installed worldwide and has a design life of 125 years. It outperforms needle felt liners offering higher flexural strength, water tightness and elasticity properties.

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For larger diameter and non circular gravity pipes and sewers iLine’s Segmental Liner system provides a simple and cost-effective solution. Liner segments are designed and tailor-made for the failed host pipe. They can be made to fit circular and non-circular profiles including rectangular, square, egg shaped and oval. One of the benefits is that they can be made in large diameters up to 7000mm.

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Where a small section of pipe, gravity sewer or drain needs localised repair, patch lining provides a cost effective and quick long term fix. Patch lining offers many advantages including easy site access, maintenance of existing flows and lower cost than larger repairs. The process can be used in any location where you can get access to one end of the pipe, such as under roads, railways, canals, and pipes that are too deep to excavate on.

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