Patch lining sewer repair

Patch lining provides a fast localised repair solution

Patch liners are used as a method of repair where defects are found within a certain (generally small) length of sewer or drainage system. The patch liner system is generally used when there is a particular isolated defect or there are multiple defects within a short section of pipe.

These areas can be remotely accessed generally through one point of entry such as an existing headwall, manhole or excavation. Patches can also be overlapped to achieve rehabilitation over greater distances where access may be an issue to install a full length liner. Inflatable packers can used to allow flows to continue to pass through the system whilst the patch liner is being installed, allowing the continued use of the system. This reduces the impact on customers, allowing continued use of their internal facilities.
iLine’s patching system can repair diameters ranging from 300-1500mm, over lengths of usually about 1m.

Patch repairing a pipe is similar process to that of relining but, as the name suggests, it is used for shorter defective lengths of liner in a specific section of the sewer or drain, rather than lining the whole pipe from end to end. The process can be used in any location where you can get access to one end of the pipe, such as under roads, railways, canals, and pipes that are too deep to excavate on.

First, a fabric tube is impregnated with resin and positioned in place inside the sewer around an inflatable bung, or ‘packer’. As the packer is filled with air it expands and presses the patch against the sewer wall of the host pipe whilst the resin cures. (Generally ambient cure) After curing, the packer is deflated and removed from the host pipe. The patch is inspected by a CCTV camera prior to re-commissioning.

Here’s how we install Patch Lining

Patch lining has many benefits including:

– Excavations usually not required as the access method used is through existing headwalls and manholes
– Minimal disruption to customers, road and rail users
– Repair curing times are within the working day
– No over pumping required
– Cost effective, great performance and durable

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