iLine rehabilitates product pipes, sewers and drains in petrochemical and process manufacturing sites throughout the UK. iLine’s EnviroCIPP UV cured CIPP lining system is designed to work with abrasive and chemically aggressive fluids of all types. EnviroCIPP’s seamless construction prevents egress of product and ingress of water or other liquids, negating product contamination and reducing environmental impact.

iLine’s EnviroCIPP is a fully structural GRP liner offering modulus values up to 21,000 Mpa. Where existing pipes and sewers have failed structurally, EnviroCIPP provides a completely new structural liner which is, essentially, a new pipe hosted within the existing failed pipe. EnviroCIPP is available in diameters from 150mm to 1500mm. EnviroCIPP’s UV curing system provides a quick and quiet installation process, reducing noise, disruption and time on site. Most importantly, pipes and sewers can be returned to service quickly. EnviroCIPP uses proven technology with thousands of kilometres installed worldwide and has a design life of 125 years. It outperforms needle felt liners offering higher flexural strength, water tightness and elasticity properties.

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