High performance CIPP with low environmental impact

Experienced in depth

Experience makes the difference between success and failure. iLine’s team of engineers, project managers and installers have many decades of combined experience in successfully delivering UV cured CIPP lining projects across every sector and in a huge range of locations, including rivers, roads, railways, canals, buildings, airfields, industrial sites and protected environments. iLine’s expertise gives clients and main contractors peace of mind.

Fully structural liners from 225mm to 1800mm diameter

iLine’s aim is total satisfaction for you. iLine’s EnviroCIPP GRP liners have a design life of up to 125 years giving long term peace of mind. EnviroCIPP offers modulus values up to 21,209 Mpa. EnviroCIPP is constantly being developed to achieve higher strengths as time progresses. These structural load bearing properties make them perfect for the rehabilitation of failed or failing culverts and pipes where structural strength is still required. EnviroCIPP liners are designed and manufactured to order for each project offering a completely bespoke solution for each application. EnviroCIPP’s UV curing system offers speed of installation, lower project costs, reduced environmental impact and greater flexural strength than traditional hot water cured systems.

Here’s how we install EnviroCIPP

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