The perfect solution for rehabilitating large & non-circular culvert & sewers

Made to measure

iLine’s rigid GRP segmental liners are designed and made to order for each installation. This means that they can be designed to fit a range of different sewer and culvert profiles including rectangular, square, egg shaped, oval and circular culverts and where large diameters of up to 7000mm are required.

Simple installation

Segmental liners are simple to install. The sewer or culvert needs to be cleaned and all debris removed. iLine Segmental liners are designed to push together to form a continuous liner. This means they can be installed where live flows are present, Removing the need for extensive or difficult flow management. Each joint is sealed and then the anulus is grouted up. Segmental liners are rigid and stable with a long term design life. Segmental lining is time efficient, with less time on site and minimal disruption to the affected area and local operations.


• Rigid GRP segmental liners offer
flexibility and high structural resilience.
• Made to fit rectangular, square, oval, egg
shaped and square culverts and gravity
• Installation is quick with very low
environmental impact.
• Large diameters of up to 7000mm
• Can be installed in live flows.

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